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We are a Colorado MED Approved Responsible Vendor Program Training Provider

Providing clarity to voluminous and often complex regulations impacting your grow


We manage your compliance record keeping so you don't have to


Providing cannabis compliance audits, SOP development, and straight forward solutions to your business


Stressing the importance of compliance to employees, customers, and suppliers with novel and impactful messaging.


Creating a paradigm shift in the way the industry views marijuana waste


Fort Collins to Antonito, and Rocky Ford to Glenwood Springs, to deliver the highest quality cannabis regulation training and certification


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Ren, I wanted to thank you for the Responsible Vendor Training.  Being a stay at home mother, I believe that I learned more by downloading the course and studying at home than I would have at a traditional training program.  I appreciate your taking the time to meet with me to review the material and answer questions before taking the exam.  I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is looking to learn more about responsible marijuana sales in the State of Colorado!


Company : Tabatha From Aurora CO
Designation : Full Time Homemaker & Budtender Job Seeker

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to speak with me the other day.  Your perspective added a depth that I was otherwise lacking.  It added the extra value needed to earn an A. I really appreciate it and I wish you all the best in your meaningful business endeavors....  Best Nathan

Nathan L. Newmay

Company : University of Wyoming
Designation : Graduate Student, Health Services Administration - Regulatory Compliance
Gaiawise LLC

Ren Gobris is changing the way that the marijuana industry views marijuana waste.   Ren has solutions for the concerns of toxic chemical applications on marijuana and the headaches over proper regulatory disposal challenges.  He is pioneering the use of Bokashi Fermentation to transform organic marijuana waste into highly valuable soil amendments with beneficial by-products that have remarkable and vital earth-healing properties.   Invite Ren to your facility for a quick conversation on how to eliminate disposal challenges and better use your marijuana waste for the benefit of the earth and the community. 

Christine Taraskiewics

Company : GaiaWise, LLC
Designation : Founder & Owner

CRS conducted not one, but two, classes during a single Saturday allowing Seed & Smith to keep the business open without disruption.  Not only was CRS flexible, but they offered the lowest price, and didn't apply a single special fee.  Awesome!

Janay Samuels

Company : Seed & Smith
Designation : Acting GM

CRS' Responsible Vendor Training pricing was orders of magnitude lower than that of the nearest competitor.  Ren Gobris gladly traveled across the state to conduct training for our small group.  Others simply refused to quote or applied prohibitively excessive charges.  Thank you CRS!

Tegan Welsch-Rainek

Company : 420 Green Geni
Designation : Founder & Owner
Doc's Apothecary

Ren will stop at nothing in finding answers to tough regulatory questions.   To resolve a particularly ambiguous issue, Ren called and wrote the MED.   Not finding the answer, he sought out and successfully obtained a rule change to clarify the issue thereby providing value to the entire industry.

Eddie Rodriguez

Company : Doc's Apothecary
Designation : Owner

The quality of CRS products and services speaks for themselves.   It is the integrity, humility, high moral standards, and strong industry advocacy of Ren Gobris that truly sets CRS apart.

Melinda Kadinger

Company : Smokey's 420 House
Designation : COO/CFO/Compliance Administrator

Recognizing the gaps that exist between current marijuana waste disposal regulations and those required for Bokashi Fermentation to become more mainstream, Ren has made governmental outreach a top priority.  He's influenced city, county, state, and even Canadian governmental bodies.   And, he has been rewarded with several regulatory changes for the advancement of fermentation as an approved cannabis waste recycling solution within the state of Colorado.

Dr. Larry Green

Company : Bokashicycle
Designation : President

Ren Gobris freely shares his knowledge and expertise well after the training program has ended.  The value of his 35+ years of regulatory and management experience quickly becomes self-evident.  Ren truly enjoys leveraging his compliance and management knowledge to help businesses succeed.

Jeff Sveinsson

Company : Cannabicare
Designation : Owner
Kind Redesigned

In developing rules for Bokashi Fermentation, Ren and I visited the Governors' Office of Marijuana Coordination, the MED, CDPHE, CDA, and Cities and Counties of Denver and Boulder.  Ren even traveled to Canada.  He  met with a past Deputy Prime Minister which resulted in communications with members of the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat.  Ren is at home working at every level of government.   There is not a single regulator's door that he cannot, or will not try, to open.

David Martinez

Company : Kind ReDesigned
Designation : Founder & Owner


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