Colorado Marijuana Packaging & Labeling Training

The purpose of our Colorado Marijuana Packaging & Labeling Training is to provide Colorado licensed marijuana businesses and establishments who sell marijuana and marijuana products with the knowledge to meet new Marijuana Packaging and Labeling requirements that go into effect October 1, 2016.

We offer classes at our Boulder location every Monday evening from 6:00 to 9:00. The cost of the course is $199 per person.  Discount Coupons are available for NCIA and NHA Members.  See the sidebar.  Call for group discounts and/or to set up a private session at your location.

To be compliant with these regulations, it is essential that Licensees also obtain a working understanding of both the Inventory Tracking System and transport rules as these rules work hand-in-hand.  That is marijuana is typically packaged, labeled, shipped, and recorded through the sales process. The training therefore introduces participants to the requirements of using the Inventory Tracking System, as well as compliance to transport, waste management, and record keeping mandates.


Why Labeling, Packaging, and Transportation  Are Important:

The rules were established to prevent underage usage of marijuana and the reduction and prevention of accidental marijuana consumption by children and others.


  The State Licensing Authority finds it essential that labeling and secure packaging for marijuana and marijuana products be regulated to ensure that marijuana and marijuana products are sold and delivered to lawful consumers in a packaging that is not easily opened by, or attractive to, children.

 The rules specifically prohibit packaging designed to appeal to children through the avoidance of the words “candy” or “candies” and images of cartoons.  The State Licensing Authority is adopting these rules as a “narrowly-tailored” approach to reduce and prevent accidental ingestion of marijuana or marijuana products by children and others

Violation to many of these rules will be considered by the State Licensing Authority as a License Violation affecting public safety.  The range of penalties for this category of violation may include license suspension, a fine per individual violation, a fine in lieu of suspension of up to $100,000, and/or license revocation depending on the mitigating and aggravating circumstances.  Sanctions may also include restrictions on the license.

Adherence to the rules will result in improved public health and safety, as well as a corresponding reduction in regulatory and business risk to individual licensees due to fewer instances of non-compliance activity.

Like all Cannabis Regulatory Solutions’ Training Programs:

Our Colorado Marijuana Packaging and Labeling Training program may be accessed 24/7 through our password-protected website.   Also on the website are 12 compliance checklists and 20 regulatory flowchart diagrams.  These are downloadable and provide support long after the training is complete. The checklists are suitable for internal and external compliance audits.  The flowcharts help to remove what is oftentimes ambiguous and/or confusing regulatory language for better overall organizational understanding.

Schedule a training course today and become prepared for the regulatory changes that are on the horizon!


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