Cannabis Cultivation Training

Our Responsible Cannabis Cultivation Training is aimed at the rules and regulations affecting your grow.   It is a 3-4 hour course and was submitted to the MED for review.  It is also a certification course where participants are tested and certified to show comprehension.

The cost of the course is $199 per person.  Call for group discounts and/or special pricing for sessions held at your location.

Cannabis Cultivation Training

The Benefits of Attending our Responsible Cannabis Cultivation Training include:

  • Greater regulatory compliance and reduced possibility of fines and business interruption.
  • Earning a Cannabis Regulatory Solutions, “Responsible Cannabis Cultivation Training Designation.”
  • Demonstrable commitment to operate at the highest level of compliance and industry best practice.
  • Greater employees knowledge to perform their job responsibilities more effectively.
  • While not a MED required training program, this course is designed to be a sister to the MED’s Responsible Vendor Program. As such, the licensing authority and local municipalities may consider your company’s initiative to complete this course as a mitigating factor when imposing sanctions and/or fines.

Becoming a Cannabis Regulatory Solutions Responsible Cannabis Cultivator therefore represents a competitive advantage over Non-Responsible Cannabis Cultivator Businesses while providing owners with reduced regulatory and business risk.

Call today to schedule a training event in the convenience and privacy of your facility!

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