Cannabis Sales Calculator

Determining permissible cannabis sales can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating.

Sales limits are based on several factors.  These include the item being sold.  Either  marijuana flower, concentrates, or infused products (commonly referred to as edibles).  Who the customer is.  A retail consumer or a medical patient?  And, a concept known as “equivalency.” Or the amount of concentrates or products that are considered “equivalent” to a know quantity of marijuana flower. 

Many cannabis companies use sophisticated point of sales (POS) software systems to calculate permissible sales requirements. But for dispensaries without these useful tools, our cannabis sales calculator is the next best thing. 

Can your budtenders quickly and correctly answer this question?

“I would like to purchase ½ ounce of flower, 3 pre-rolled 750mg joints, and a one 60mg package of gummies.  How many 300mg disposable vape cartridges can I buy before I hit my allowable limit?”

Use our cannabis sales calculator to confidently answer your customer quantity limitation questions.

To use the calculator,

  1. Download the spreadsheet.
  2. Choose the spreadsheet you wish to use (medical or retail)
  3. Complete the product sales by units and volume in the lower section of spreadsheet.
  4. Watch the remaining balance allowed in the top. 
  5. Should the requested sale exceed the allowable limit, the balance will turn negative and appear in red.
  6. That’s all there is to it!
  7. Email us and we’ll send you a Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xlms file) that clears the spreadsheet with a single click of a button.

Medical Calculator

Retail Calculator

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