Colorado Responsible Vendor Training During Covid-19 And Beyond

Covid-19 and Responsible Vendor Training:

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Students in training

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down.  With the nationwide death toll surpassing 240,000, nearly 2,500 from Colorado, the need for social distancing, wearing PPE, limiting group gatherings, and maintaining proper facility and personal hygiene has arguably never been greater.

Despite these circumstances however, some Colorado marijuana businesses wishing to maintain Responsible Vendor designation continue to seek out live and in-person training events.  Often these events make proper social distancing all but impossible.

The state recommends limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer people with constant 6 feet separation being maintained between attendees.  And, some municipalities with known high case levels of Covid-19 have implemented even more restrictive measures.

The reasons leading to poor social distancing during in-person training are many.  They range from the small physical size of many business establishments, to the desire to avoid additional costs associated with conducting multiple smaller (and therefore better social distanced) training events.  The elimination of hassles associated with scheduling multiple events, and the need to oftentimes close the business for training, are other factors businesses consider in determining the size of live onsite training.

A practical solution to the Responsible Vendor Training social distancing dilemma is to choose a training provider that offers live interactive Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, Free Conference Call, or similar instructor-led conference call training.  An even better solution is to choose a training provider that offers a fully interactive online training program.  Online training enables employees to take courses when, and where they want, according to the needs and timelines of the business establishment.

But while online training solutions may better enable marijuana businesses to responsibly social distance to control the spread of Covid-19 today, they fall short of addressing many of the commonly heard criticisms of the program.   The purpose of this article is to highlight some of those criticisms and to begin a discussion toward correcting them.  At Cannabis Regulatory Solutions (CRS), we believe there is a better way.Continue reading