For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here on our FAQ Page.


Q1:   I am a new entrepreneur just starting my marijuana business and I have more questions than strategies.  Will Cannabis Regulatory Solutions™ work with me?

Q2:  What are the risks associated with working in the Cannabis Industry?

Q3:  Given the risks associated with working in the Cannabis Industry, why is Cannabis Regulatory Solutions™ in the industry?

Q4:  Most marijuana-based businesses are relatively small operations in which budgets are tight.  Why is Responsible Vendor Training in Colorado Important?  What is the value proposition?

Q5:  Why would I choose Cannabis Regulatory Solutions over other MED approved Responsible Vendor Training Providers?

Q6:  I see that you offer a Comprehensive Responsible Vendor Training Program in addition to your MED Approved Course.  Why two courses?

Q7:  Why would I choose Cannabis Regulatory Solutions  Manager’s Comprehensive Responsible Vendor course and certification over the Colorado MED approved course and certification?

Q8:  Do you offer regulatory compliance and operational support services to marijuana cultivators, product manufacturers, and testing establishments?

Q9:  What does Cannabis Regulatory Solutions™ charge for services?

Q10:  Can Cannabis Regulatory Solutions™ help me with legal, accounting, or medical advice and services? 


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