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About Us - Ren Gobris, Founder and Owner

Ren Gobris has experience in international manufacturing and supply chain management, product development, business startups, and mergers and acquisitions.  He is applying lessons learned in the security and electronics industry to the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Ren has over 30 years experience managing a multi-national supply chain supporting a $126M security business devoted to protecting the world’s banks, ATMs, Cash-In-Transit vehicles, and other highly valued products.  As VP of Global Operations, Ren was responsible for all aspects of the supply chain including regulatory compliance and quality assurance in support of providing banks quality products and services.  Ren was integral in contract negotiations and establishing and auditing the systems necessary for the fulfillment of those contracts.

Ren has a wide and varied regulatory compliance background that also includes experience on an International level.  He has obtained exemptions from regulatory bodies as diverse as the United States Department of State, US Department of Commerce, The US Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing, The US Department of Transportation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.  Ren received exemptions from various agencies in the countries of Belgium, Canada, and Costa Rica.

Ren has a passion for making the cannabis industry more environmentally sustainable.  He was a past owner and co-founder of Kind ReDesigned, a company devoted to the application of Bokashi Fermentation for the environmentally friendly disposal of cannabis waste.    In 2017, Ren recommended seven marijuana rule changes in the State of Colorado and was rewarded with the success of three.  He testified at the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources at the Colorado State Capital in support of the passage of House Bill HB18-1133. He likewise testified at the Business, Labor, and Technology Committee in support of the passage of Senate Bill 18-187.  Senate Bill 18-187 was eventually passed and enacted into law on by Governor John Hickenlooper on April 26, 2018.    The law will make the recycling of cannabis waste, and therefore the diversion of cannabis waste from Colorado landfills, much easier.

Ren is the Founder and Owner of Cannabis Regulatory Solutions, a Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Responsible Vendor Program Training provider.  He offers a Responsible Cultivator Training course and a Marijuana Packaging and labeling course.  Ren is the Colorado Association For Recycling (CAFR)  Cannabis Waste Council Chair.  He spoke at the 2017 Cannabis Sustainability Symposium and has been published in Marijuana Venture Magazine and Cannabis Packaging News.

Ren is actively supporting Higher Yields Marijuana Consulting as a Compliance Officer.   In that capacity, he has worked on projects in Colorado, Washington, Virginia, and Mexico.  Ren has developed compliance checklists, training programs, and conducts cannabis regulatory compliance audits.  He was a project manager in the writing of a competitive application for the first medical marijuana license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Ren has a BS in Industrial Safety Management from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Mercer University, and a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Villanova University.

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