About Us

Reynold (Ren) Gobris has 35 years experience in international manufacturing, supply chain, and regulatory compliance within the security and electronics industries.   As Vice President of Global Operations of a world-leading provider of asset protection systems, Ren led his manufacturing teams to deliver $120 million in annual sales by supporting growth within multiple markets, exploiting new technologies to expand product offerings, outsourcing non-critical activities, cutting fixed costs, and securing regulatory exemptions when government regulations did not keep up with industry innovation.

As Founder and Owner of Cannabis Regulatory Solutions, a Colorado MED and CDPHE Responsible Vendor Program Training provider, Ren is bringing his international manufacturing knowledge and experience to the Cannabis Industry.  In addition to providing responsible vendor training, Ren offers a Responsible Cultivator Training Course.  He conducts management and compliance audits, and maintains a proprietary secure online regulatory compliant record keeping system that also notifies clients of pending employee badge and business license expiration.

Ren is also a past Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Kind Redesigned, a cannabis waste management business, which had pioneered the use of Acidic Anaerobic (Bokashi) Fermentation for the earth-friendly disposal of cannabis and other green waste.

Ren has a passion for creating sustainable cannabis waste management solutions.   In pursuing his passion, he has met personally with a wide range of governmental bodies and industry practitioners.  In Colorado, some of these include the Governor’s Office of Marijuana Coordination, the MED, CDPHE, and CDA.  He has met with county and city leaders in Boulder, Denver, and elsewhere on the Front Range.   And outside of Colorado, Ren has met with other state and international cannabis practitioners.  Among these are various organizations within Canada and Canada’s Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat.

In recent months, Ren has proposed seven new MED rule changes.  Three of these were adopted and directly impact the guidelines for marijuana waste disposal within the State of Colorado.  And through his work in Canada, Ren is working toward having Bokashi Fermentation written into the laws as a federally approved marijuana waste management solution.

Ren has a BS in Industrial Safety Management from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Mercer University, and a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Villanova University.