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Ren Gobris, MBA

Cannabis Advocacy, Education, Compliance

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Occupational Badge No. M85738




Ren is an entrepreneur and cannabis industry advocate, educator, and compliance specialist with over 5 years of varied experience in the cannabis industry.  He has done work for clients in the states of Colorado, Virginia, New York, Washington, and supported clients internationally in Canada.  Ren has been published in Marijuana Venture Magazine and Cannabis Packaging News.

Ren is the founder and owner of Cannabis Regulatory Solutions (CRS).  CRS is an approved Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Responsible Vendor program training provider.  CRS has maintained its approved Responsible Vendor program provider certification since April 2016.  CRS has also offered Marijuana Cultivation and Marijuana Packaging and Labeling training services.

Ren has extensive experience in developing and maintaining compliance training programs, operating and quality improvement plans, and standard operating procedures across a wide range of cannabis expertise including safety and security, dispensary management, marijuana cultivation, and marijuana infused products manufacturing.  Ren has trained dozens of companies and certified hundreds of employees in his cannabis training courses.   CRS maintains a proprietary online recordkeeping system that allows clients to easily maintain training records in compliance to applicable regulations.

Ren is a co-founder and was a co-owner of Kind ReDesigned, an environmentally friendly marijuana waste disposal company.  While at Kind ReDesigned, Ren gained the support of the MED for Kind ReDesigned to act as a third party in the management of marijuana waste on marijuana licensed properties, the CDPHE to accept Bokashi Fermentation as an approved marijuana waste disposal process, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) to approve the sale of Bokashi marijuana waste byproducts.  Ren developed a proprietary mobile application for onsite recordkeeping of waste disposal that streamlined Kind ReDesigned state and municipality reporting requirements.

Ren spoke at the 2017 Cannabis Sustainability Symposium.  In 2018 he testified at the Colorado State Capital in support of Senate Bill 18-187 that was passed and enacted into law on by then Governor John Hickenlooper.  The law made the recycling of cannabis waste, and therefore the diversion of organic cannabis waste from Colorado landfills, much easier.  These efforts reflect Ren’s ability to positively affect industry change.  Ren is an ardent supporter of Recycle Colorado (formerly Colorado Association for Recycling).

Between September 2018 and September 2019, Ren was the Director and Executive Vice President of Regulatory and Corporate Production Compliance to NanoSphere Health Sciences, a publicly traded cannabis company (https://www.nanospherehealth.com/).  He also worked as a consultant to CCBA, NanoSphere’s Colorado Licensed Marijuana Infused Products Manufacture (MIP), an ethanol and butane extraction facility.  CCBA employed NanoSphere’s patented nanotechnology to produce NanoSerum, a highly effective transdermal pain reliever.

Ren has worked on a contract bases with Higher Yields Consulting as a Senior Consultant since 2016. He has supported Higher Yields Consulting on several projects spanning from regulatory compliance, auditing of licensed cannabis businesses on behalf of financial institutions, guest speaking, and competitive application writing. Ren also acts as an advisor to Higher Yields Consulting CEO, Cory Waggoner in support of government outreach and networking to promote Higher Yields mission of education and ensuring public health and safety.

Prior to entering the cannabis industry, Ren had over 30 years of experience managing a multi-national supply chain supporting a $126M security business devoted to protecting the world’s banks, ATMs, Cash-In-Transit vehicles, and other highly valued products. As VP of Global Operations, Ren was responsible for all aspects of the supply chain including regulatory compliance, purchasing and inventory control, manufacturing, and quality assurance in support of providing banks quality products and services. Ren was integral in contract negotiations and establishing and auditing the systems necessary for the fulfillment of those contracts.

Ren has a wide and varied regulatory compliance background that includes experience on an International level.  Ren has obtained regulatory exemptions from bodies as diverse as the United States Department of State, US Department of Commerce, The US Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing, The US Department of Transportation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.  Ren received exemptions from various agencies in the countries of Belgium, Canada, and Costa Rica.

Ren has a BS in Industrial Safety Management from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Mercer University, and a Six Sigma Green Belt from Villanova University.  Ren lives in Estes Park, CO.  In his free time, Ren volunteers for the Estes Park Economic Development Corporation Strategic Planning and Business Incubator Committees. These committees are designed to spur economic growth in Estes Park to promote entrepreneurial success. As a member of these committees, Ren has helped lead the community towards a long-term diversified and sustainable economy through successful business retention and expansion projects.

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