Kind Redesigned

Kind Redesigned re-purposing cannabis waste into highly prized byproducts


Cannabis Regulatory Solutions is proud to be corporate sponsors for Kind ReDesigned, a Colorado marijuana disposal and re-purposing business.   Kind ReDesigned is established to assist marijuana cultivators in the safe, compliant,  and environmentally responsible disposal of their marijuana waste streams.

Kind ReDesigned uses the Bokashi waste fermentation and soil remediation process to re-purpose marijuana waste to create  environmentally sound, less expensive, and much higher quality products.   A primary purpose of the company is to help the industry redesign their cultivation systems to be less expensive, more sustainable,  and environmentally friendly.  That is, safe for human consumption and workplace safety, nothing going into landfills, less water consumption, fewer carbon emissions, etc.   Hence the name, “Kind ReDesigned.”

For more information, please contact David Martinez at Kind Redesigned 303-995-0013 or click on the following link.