Manager’s Comprehensive Responsible Vendor Training

Our Manager’s Comprehensive Responsible Vendor Training is designed to help owners, licensees, and managers reduce regulatory compliance and business risks.

We offer classes at our Boulder location on an as needed basis.  The course is usually taught immediately following our MED Approved Responsible Vendor Training.  Having participated in a MED Certified training program is a mandatory prerequisite for successful completion of this course.  The cost of the course is $129 per person. Call for group discounts and/or to set up a private session at your location.

The training picks up where the core MED certification training leaves off.  It remains focused on the handling and selling of marijuana and marijuana infused products.    However, it is geared toward Marijuana Business Owners, Licensees, Managers, Supervisors, and other third parties with the need for a more comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements within the State of Colorado.

Whereas the standard MED Certified Responsible Vendor training focuses on “what” must occur for compliance, the comprehensive course further considers the “why’s” and “how’s” of compliance.

The training begins with an overview of how laws are created, where pertinent Colorado’s Marijuana Laws may be found, as well as a review of the structure of the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Websites.

The core of the training touches upon most of the elements taught in the basic course.  The primary focus however is directed towarManager Comprehensive Responsible Vendor Trainingd management’s roles and responsibilities in maintaining a Responsible Vendor Designation.   The training takes a much deeper dive into Security Alarms, Locks, and Video Surveillance; Modifications to Licensed Premises, Transportation; State Licensing Authority and Law Enforcement Procedures;  and management’s responsibility in the development and maintenance of house rules, policies, and procedures that impact the conduct of the business.

The training concludes with the review of a Colorado Responsible Vendor Program Checklist which was developed to help licensees, owners, and managers follow all program requirements to retain Responsible Vendor Designation.

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