Marijuana Packaging & Labeling

Marijuana Packaging & Labeling

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Cannabis Regulatory Solutions is pleased to announce the offering of a new Marijuana Packaging & Labeling training program.  The program is designed to provide Colorado’s marijuana businesses with the regulatory knowledge to comply with changing marijuana packaging and labeling requirements.    The mandatory compliance of these regulations occurs on October 1, 2016.  So, now is the opportune time for the industry to learn, and to prepare for, the changes that are on the horizon.

Why Marijuana Packaging & Labeling Are Important:

Simply put, Colorado’s marijuana packaging & labeling rules were established to prevent underage usage of marijuana, and the reduction and prevention of accidental marijuana consumption by children and others.

→  The State Licensing Authority finds it absolutely essential to regulate the packaging and labeling of marijuana and marijuana products.  The proposed changes are being made to ensure that sales are delivered to lawful consumers in a packaging that is not easily opened by, or attractive to, children.   For example,  the new rules specifically prohibit packaging designed to appeal to children through the avoidance of the words “candy” or “candies” and images of cartoons.

 Violations to many of the rules will be considered by the State Licensing Authority as license violations affecting public safety.   The range of penalties for this category of violation may include license suspension, a fine per individual violation, a fine in lieu of suspension of up to $100,000, and/or license revocation depending on the mitigating and aggravating circumstances.  Sanctions may also include restrictions on the license.

 Adherence to the rules will result in improved public health and safety, as well as a corresponding reduction in regulatory and business risk to individual licensees due to fewer instances of non-compliance.

Agenda and Course Materials:

The purpose of the training program is to provide Colorado licensed marijuana businesses and establishments with the knowledge to meet new Marijuana Packaging and Labeling requirements (most of which are found in the 1000 series of rules).

To be comply with the modified marijuana packaging and labeling regulations however, it is also essential that participants obtain a working understanding of both the Inventory Tracking System and transport rules.  These rules work hand-in-hand.   That is, marijuana is typically packaged, labeled, shipped, and recorded through the sales process.   The training therefore introduces participants to the requirements of using the Inventory Tracking System, as well as compliance to transport, waste management, and record keeping mandates.

Participants should also know that all of our courses include comprehension exams and course evaluations to measure ongoing effectiveness.

Who Should Attend:

Marijuana Business Owners and Licensees,  Marijuana Cultivators, Marijuana Products Manufacturers, Marijuana Concentrate Manufacturers, Retail Marijuana Store Owners and Managers, Medical Marijuana Center Owners and Managers, employees who package and label product, and even employees that transport packaged marijuana and marijuana product.  In short anyone who participates in the packaging and labeling of marijuana and marijuana products would benefit from course participation.


The cost of the course is $329 per person and includes user setup, and Training Resource Center access, fees for the first year of usage.   Thereafter, fees are $100 per location per year or $39 per individual.  National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Members receive a 20% discount on course participation only (no website fee discounts are being offered at this time.)  To maintain a high degree of participation, course sizes are held to a maximum of ten per training event.

Secure Online Store and Training Resource Center:

As with all Cannabis Regulatory Solutions’  training programs, our Marijuana Packaging and Labeling training program materials are made available for after classroom viewing on a 24/7 basis through our password-protected website.   Also developed for this program, and contained within our website, are 14 packaging and labeling compliance checklists and 19 packaging and labeling regulatory flowcharts.  The checklists are suitable for internal and external compliance audits.  The flowcharts help to remove what is oftentimes ambiguous and/or confusing regulatory language for better overall organizational understanding.

We maintain a secure online record keeping system where clients and marijuana business owners may download test results, certifications, and even course evaluations, (should participants choose to complete one).   For our responsible vendor trained clients, we provide notification of when re-certification Responsible Vendor training is due.

About Cannabis Regulatory Solutions:

Cannabis Regulatory Solutions is a Colorado Marijuana Responsible Vendor Training Provider.  We were established to introduce quality training programs and after-training tools and services to the marijuana industry.   We are passionate about helping marijuana compliance professionals meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements of the marijuana industry.   We seek to enter into long-term relationships by providing clients with professional marijuana regulatory support long after the training has ended.

We offer training weekly in Boulder.  We have access to several training locations in Denver.  We also routinely travel to, and conduct training in, client owned or preferred locations across the state.


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