Responsible Cultivator Training


Is devoted to the regulatory requirements of your marijuana cultivation operations.

Cannabis Cultivation Training


We offer an intensive 3-4 hour program.   Participants are tested and CRS Certified to verify comprehension.


The Benefits of Attending our Responsible Cannabis Cultivation Training include:

  • The promotion of regulatory compliance and reduction of the possibility of fines and business interruption.
  • Participants earn a Cannabis Regulatory Solutions, “Responsible Cultivator Designation.”
  • Reflects a commitment to operate at the highest level of compliance and industry best practice.
  • Provides employees with knowledge to perform their job responsibilities more effectively.
  • Training is considered as a relevant factor for ensuring responsible cultivation, production, and inventory management in connection with license renewals. See R506(C)(5)(e).
  • Documented training is used as a good faith factor when considering business expansion.  See R506(E).
  • Employee training is considered a good faith mitigating factor when considering licenses infractions and fines. See R 1037.

Becoming a Cannabis Regulatory Solutions Responsible Cultivator represents a competitive advantage over Non-Responsible Cultivator Businesses while providing owners with reduced regulatory and business risk.


Responsible Cultivator Course Outline

Part I -   The Law and Management Best Practice

Part II -  The Licensed Premises

  • Limited Access Areas

    Cannabis Regulatory Solutions

  • Possession of Licensed Premises
  • Changing, Altering, or Modifying The Licensed Premises
  • Shared Licenses and Operational Separation
  • Security Alarm Systems & Lock Standards
  • Video Surveillance
  • Marijuana Waste
  • Inventory Tracking System

Part III -  Marijuana Cultivation Facilities

  • License Privileges
  • General Limitations or Prohibited Acts
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Health and Safety Regulations
  • Retail Marijuana Concentrate Production (intro only)
  • Production Management
  • Colorado Fire Marshal Marijuana Facility Guidelines
  • CDA -  Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production
  • Colorado Marijuana Health and Safety Work Group

Part IV - Packaging, Labeling and Testing Requirements

  • Packaging and Labeling Minimum Requirements Prior to Transfer to another Marijuana  Establishment/Business
  • Packaging and Labeling Minimum Requirements Prior to Transfer to consumer/patient.
  • Additional Labeling Requirements
  • Retail & Medical Marijuana & Marijuana Product Testing Program
  • Retail & Medical Marijuana Testing Program – Sampling Procedures
  • Contaminated Product and Failed Tests

Part V -   Additional Rules

  • Transport and Storage
  • Business Record Requirements
  • Mitigating and Aggravating Factors
  • Common House Rules

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