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Program Description:

Responsible Vendor Program rules are found within  the 3-500 Series of rules.   The program itself is voluntary.  However, Regulated Marijuana Businesses who elect to participate in the program will be awarded a MED Certified "Responsible Vendor Designation."

The designation reflects a commitment to operate at the highest level of customer safety and care while providing licensees with knowledge to adhere to compliance mandates.  A Responsible Vendor designation represents a competitive advantage while helping Regulated Marijuana businesses reduce regulatory and business risks.

A benefit of becoming a Responsible Vendor designated business is that the licensing authority may consider the designation as a mitigating factor when imposing sanctions or penalties on the licensee.   The designation can reduce the severity of penalties and sanctions such as fines and suspension.  More complete information may be found within the statute itself, C.R.S. 12-43.3-1102.

The Responsible VendorMED Approved Responsible Vendor Training statute requires that each training program be both MED and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) reviewed and approved.  Once approved, the name of the training providers are included on the MED Responsible Vendor Program Provider List published on the Division's website.  Regulated Marijuana Businesses should check the MED's Responsible Vendor Provider List to ensure that a chosen training provider is MED Approved prior to scheduling training.

To receive a Responsible Vendor designation all controlling beneficial owners with day to day operational control of the licensed premises, management personnel, and employee licensees involved in the transfer of regulated marijuana must attend training by a MED certified training provider and successfully complete a comprehension exam with a score of 70% or better.  For Regulated Marijuana Businesses to retain a Responsible Vendor designation, new employees must complete the course within 90 days of hire.  All individuals must become re-certified every two years.

  • All controlling beneficial owners and employees of a licensed hospitality business shall complete annual Responsible Vendor training.

  • A Medical Marijuana Store, Retail Marijuana Store, Medical Marijuana Transporter, or Retail Marijuana Transporter must obtain a responsible vendor designation including the delivery curriculum prior to conducting its first delivery.

Training providers must adhere to a core curriculum established by the MED to ensure the responsible handling and transfer of  Regulated Marijuana through the promotion of uniform industry-wide safety, security, integrity, and transparency standards.

The program consists health and safety concerns of marijuana use, transfers to minors, quantity limitations on sales to consumers and patients, acceptable forms of ID, State and Local Law Enforcement, State Laws affecting marijuana, and much more!

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