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As a Regulatory Compliance Professional with over 35 years of general industry experience, I have had the opportunity to review many Safety and Health Programs.   And, as a Cannabis Industry Consultant, I have visited many marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries.  These are exciting times in the Cannabis industry because, as we’ve heard many times, the industry is in its infancy.  It certainly is.  Particularly in the area of Safety and Health Awareness.  This is very evident by the near total lack of cannabis industry focused Safety and Health Posters being used within the industry today.


While posters are one of the least sophisticated elements of a Safety and Health Program, they play an important role when used correctly.


Why use safety posters? Here are Five reasons:

1.   Posters are low hanging fruit; easy, inexpensive, and used by nearly every company that has a successful safety program.

2.  Posters tend to be the starting point. They represent a line drawn in the sand that says, “We are taking safety seriously.”

3.  Posters are a 24/7 visual reminder that reinforce specific safety requirements and an overall business safety culture.

4.  Posters send a message to regulators. In an industry where few companies are using them, posters will show regulators that yours is a safety and compliance-minded organization.

5.  Posters that are eye-catching, thought-provoking, and frequently refreshed will keep safety behaviors front-of-mind for employees, customers, suppliers, and all who see them.

And now for a shameless plug.

To address this need, we’re developing a line of posters specifically designed to address the most common safety, health, and environmental issues in the cannabis industry. We use eye-catching graphics, plenty of humor, and current regulatory requirements to ensure our posters remain relevant.  By routinely updating your posters, messaging will remain engaging and will not blend into the woodwork.

To view our existing and continually expanding list of posters, please visit our online store.

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