Saving Earth Inc.

Cannabis Regulatory Solutions is proud to be corporate sponsors for Saving Earth Inc., a Colorado marijuana waste disposal and re-purposing business.   SEI was established to assist marijuana cultivators in the safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible disposal of their marijuana waste streams.  They employ a process process known as Acidic Anaerobic (Bokashi) Fermentation.

Depending upon who you ask, Bokashi is either a Japanese or Korean term that loosely translated means, "fermented organic matter."  World-wide, Bokashi fermentation has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  Bokashi uses air-tight fermentation containers and earth-friendly micro-organisms to quickly break down and effectively "pickle" organic waste.  Bokashi is the 100% natural way to reduce, reuse, and recycle cannabis waste.  It is safe for people, pets, and the environment.

The process is safe, simple, fast, and effective.   It requires only a very small footprint -- simply enough room to house a few 55-gallon drums is all that is needed.  In meeting the requirements of Colorado's waste disposal rules, cannabis wastes must be made "unusable and unrecognizable."  This is achieved by grinding the waste on the property of the licensed facility.  The waste is collected in 55-gallon drums and is inoculated with Bokashi compost activator.  The drums are then sealed, allowing the waste to ferment for three short weeks.

Liquid generated through the fermentation process may be used as a high quality probiotic plant food.  Its use replaces petroleum based chemical nutrients most of which are damaging to the environment.  The biopulp that remains makes wonderful cannabis composts, soil conditioners, and recycled cannabis-based soils.  And most important, these byproducts have very high nutritional value coupled with relatively low costs.

Bokashi fermentation is a very earth-friendly disposal method.  Bokashi fermentation waste disposal recycles organic wastes and diverts them from landfills.  The use of air-tight fermentation containers virtually eliminates ground water contamination.  They provide leachate control, assist in pathogen reduction, and nuisance conditions such as noise, dust, mud, odors, and windblown debris.  The containers help reduce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, as well as bad odors such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.  A reduction in emissions helps to reduce the impact the cannabis industry is having upon greenhouse gas formation and global warming.


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